We are a group of experienced and dynamic M&A professionals within the lower mid-market acquisition segment focused on crafting win-win solutions for sellers looking to transition their business to a safe pair of hands.
Considering that we are not a fund with a specific mandate, we have a proprietary edge over other groups because we are free to make decisions without the post-acquisition restrictions and requirements that many business owners are adverse to. Additionally, we do not focus solely on economics nor any quick flip returns on investment. Instead, we focus on what is good for the company and its stakeholders over the long term.


What makes BOSA GLOBAL CAPITAL different from other firms?

Given that all deals are slightly different, we endeavour to find win-win scenarios in our acquisition strategy and when partnering with companies Bosa is unique in that:

1. We make offers that reflect  fair market value

2. We are a safe pair of hands and ensure that your companies legacy will always continue

3. We acknowledge that your team is your greatest asset and we endeavour to keep them retained and motivated

4. We are very collaborative and wish to arrive at deal structures that are fair to all parties

We understand the challenges that small business owners face with regards to succession planning. The team at Bosa does not just have strong corporate backgrounds – we are also business owners ourselves, with on-the-ground experience. We take pride in understanding that your business is not ‘just another business’ and you can depend on these promises:

Your brand will remain intact and your legacy will continue on.

Our business optimizations do not include employee layoffs and their jobs will be secure.

If you are looking to retire and design a succession plan, or whatever your motivations may be, we will help you attain that goal.